When you make a decision about buying a property in Turkey our company will prepare a sales contract and provide a comprehensive hassle free service from the very start, which will be designed to give you a full overview of the property buying process.

Our property portfolio provides detailed descriptions of all new and resale properties. All the properties have been personally inspected by us and we provide a guarantee to take full responsibility for the features described, including the prices .

Alanya Properties Co. offers properties for every wish and budget. Our team will help you to choose one and help to work with all the formalities at every stage of the buying process. Buying procedure in Turkey is enough simple and secure.

At least 1000 Euros of deposit will be required after a sales contract has been agreed and signed. Once you have a payment plan in place, your next step will be to transfer the money to the developer/owner at the agreed timeline. In general most of our properties are listed and paid for in the Euro currency. There are no restrictions in transferring your property proceeds from Turkey to your own home country.There is complete freedom of international capital transfers.

You will need copies of your passport, 5 passport sized photographs to start the process. Some foreign nationals also require a residence permit to buy a property in Turkey, please check whether this is applicable to you.

Copies of your passport, Title Deeds and all the other official paperwork showing the location of the property will be sent to Izmir to get permission from the military, to ensure the property is not in a military zone.This process could take up to 2-3 months.

The next step is to acquire a tax identification number and open a bank account, at a local bank to transfer funds.
You have two choices regards the Power of Attorney. You can give Power of Attorney to a Solicitor/Lawyer to deal with all the legal processes on your behalf, which would cost you 1% of the purchase price or give Power of Attorney to Alanya Properties Co at no additional cost.

When all the official paperwork has been approved and returns from the military, you will be required to come to Turkey to complete the purchase and obtain your Title Deed. The title deed transfer takes place at the local land registry office.